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Getting In … and Out of Bed!

We’ve all heard the cliche … “So what side of the bed did you wake up on?”

Of course it is a figure of speech and it is a reminder that we choose our attitudes.

The question reminds us that one of the most important decisions we make everyday is choosing what we make things mean.

Yes, we have a choice … we always have choices, regardless of the situation, persons involved, timing, circumstance, etc.

Yes, there are those folks who believe that other people are the cause of their pain … we call them victims.

Yes, there are those people who make it their sole purpose in life to tell everyone they meet about all of the people who are causing them pain … we call them martyrs.

Charles Swindoll once said that he was convinced that “life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”

Funny, I seem to keep bumping into people who believe the exact opposite … they believe that life is 90% what happens to them and 10% of how they react to it.

They seem to think that by complaining and whining that people are drawn to them and sympathize with them. The exact opposite is true … they actually repel people.

The only people they don’t repel are other victims.  And isn’t that a fun bunch to be around!

The beautiful thing about all of this is that I get an extraordinary gift from these folks …

The gift is that it reminds me that I am empowered to choose differently!

I can choose happiness, joy, love, grace, forgiveness, gratitude, and a mentality of abundance.

Oh sure there are times when I slip off of the path and find myself looking at what is wrong … and when I do … I find it.

And that reminds me that I can also look for what is right … and when I do … I find that too!

Here’s a great idea from my colleague and fellow Masterminder Shawna Schuh (

  1. Before you go to bed the night before set your intention for the next morning.
  2. Tell yourself that you are going to wake up energized, refreshed, alive, and joyful!
  3. Repeat the intention 3-4 times … and then just watch what unfolds in the morning!

And there you have it … it’s really all up to you!

So … on what side of the bed did you get in last night?