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20 Truths About Fear …

20 Truths About Fear:

  1. Fear can paralyze.
  2. Fear can kill (yes, literally watch the news).
  3. Fear can be disguised as anger, rage, resentment, lack of forgiveness, and greed.
  4. It can be your friend … most of the time it’s not.
  5. Fear can cause you to play small.
  6. It can be a defense mechanism for avoidance.
  7. Fear can keep you from having what you want.
  8. It can create situations that you don’t want
  9. Fear will control your life … if you let it.
  10. 95% of the things that we fear WILL happen … DON’T!
  11. Fear can rob you of your joy and happiness.
  12. Fear can keep you from having the love that you want!
  13. It can keep you in a loveless relationship that you don’t want.
  14. Fear can motivate in the short-term but demoralizes in the long run.
  15. More people fear speaking in public than dying.
  16. Fear is the absence of love.
  17. Fear is associated with loss.
  18. You can choose something other than fear in most situations.
  19. You can choose from a place of love instead.
  20. Fear wounds … love heals.

Today you will have numerous opportunities to choose from a place of love or fear.

From which place will you choose today?


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Thank you Joe for being so insightful on this topic. You have touched on topics within fear, that we all hide and you have brought them out in the open. We can not have our heads buried in the sand…we need to face our “FEARS” and not let it take over our lives. (I remember your gremlin story in Chicago.) You have helped us do that. Thank you for being so open about it!

Comment by Elena

Thank You Elena!

Comment by aliveatwork

I loved reading these 20 truths because fear is something we all face – and will continue to. But we can learn how to better manage it and how to choose NOT to be afraid.

Comment by Stephanie Bennis

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