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Isn’t that Special …?

I just booked a reservation at a Hilton Garden Inn.

After booking my reservation and for being a loyal Hilton Honors member, I was informed that I was entitled to a “special” promotion.

A “special” promotion for “special” people … just like me!

I get transferred to the department for “special” people where I am asked 3 quick marketing questions:

  1. Where did I book my hotel reservation?
  2. Am I single or married?
  3. What is my income?  – “I will not answer that question”  – thinking that’s really none of their business!

Without a nanosecond of hesitation the sales person for “special” people goes right into his script …

“Sir thank you very much and have a nice day,” and hung up!

“Wait a minute, wait a minute … you can’t hang up on me … I’M SPECIAL … you told me so your self … don’t you remember???”

So that got me thinking:

  1. If you tell your customers they are special, treat them that way … otherwise they won’t be your customer for long!
  2. If a complete stranger tells you you’re special – RUN – they are peddling something and you’re just a number (this is not an epiphany – just a reminder)!
  3. It used to be that if you upset a customer they would tell 5 people. Nowadays when you treat your customer poorly they tell 3000.

And isn’t that special …

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