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Energy Level … Going …. ?

The other night I had a potentially energy draining experience at the local Shell gas station.

After realizing that gas was .15 per gallon more than the local grocery store (I should’ve bought it when I was there)  I filled the tank up.

As I waited for the pump to finish processing the transaction so I could get my receipt, I wondered to myself …

So why the big price difference? Better quality gas? Better service? Hey wait a minute this is self-serve isn’t it???

The transaction was completed and up on the screen the message flashed … Would you like  a receipt – yes or no?

Why of course I would, so I pressed yes! Up on the screen a new message flashes … Please see attendant for receipt!

Are you kidding me!!!! I went inside and stood there for 6 minutes while the cashier who had giant discs wedged in his ear lobes tried to impress  the cute young lady in front of me as he slowly and painfully  rang up her single can of Red Bull.

He finally gets to me and says “Can I help you?” “Why yes you can … not only is your gas .15/cents a gallon more than Fry’s you inconvenience me by making me wait for a receipt that I should be getting at the pump!”

“Pump number?” he replies.  It was then I lost my cool. “Pump number?????? I don’t know … I don’t care … I don’t even want a receipt at this point … All I want is an apology for being inconvenienced!”

Just when you think it can’t get worse … “I didn’t inconvenience you sir … the company did!”

I could feel the anger rising in me and the negativity starting to drain any happiness or joy I was feeling 15 minutes prior to stopping for gas.


As far as I could tell I had 3 choices:

  1. Jump over the counter and rip the giant quarter size gauges out of his ear lobes.
  2. Walk out and never buy gas there again.
  3. Decide that I would not allow an external factor (person, situation, etc) drain me of one of my most valuable resources … MY ENERGY!
Door #3 please … yes the box where Carol Merrill is now standing!!

Every day we are faced with decisions and how we respond to those decisions determines whether our energy level increases or decreases.

Giving negative situations or people access to our energy supply will most certainly rob you of this precious resource. Negative factors drain energy at a very rapid rate.

Protecting your energy supply by responding in a positive manner can actually increase your energy level. Sometimes you just need to laugh and let it go!

So what about you …

  1. Are you aware of the energy draining people or situations in your life?
  2. What if you only had a lifetime limited supply of energy (units) in your life? Would that change how quickly you let go of  those negative situations or people?
  3. Imagine what your life would be like if you made a conscious decision to let go of the negative people, situations, customers, and beliefs that are robbing you of your precious energy? And you did it in a positive, loving way?

I think Aristotle had it right when he said … “The energy of the mind is the essence of life!”

So what direction is your energy headed … going up?

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Is this a trick question where the answer is all of the above!

Comment by tony

Thanks for the question! No it’s not a trick question.

Option 1: Isn’t an option if I want to stay out’ve jail.

Option 2: Means I hold onto resentment and negative energy reminding myself about the incident every time I pass by the station.

Option 3: Is what I chose and for me the best option. I keep my energy! Besides the cashiers response is more about him and really has nothing to do with me!

Have an extraordinary day!

Comment by aliveatwork

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