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Need A Lift?

“I dare you to move …                           I dare you to move,”

“I dare you to pick yourself  ….            up off the floor”


Have you ever had an amazing day where you felt like everything was going your way?

Until it wasn’t …

You get the first bit of not-so-positive news and you say, “No worries… this must be happening for a reason … right?”

And then another not-so-positive event comes up behind it and you say, “Hmmmmm … what the heck am I doing to attract this stuff?”

And then you get hit one more time with another frustrating event, an event that in-and-of- itself, wouldn’t be an issue at all.

And because it is the third not-so positive one today you collapse under what feels like the weight of the world that has just landed … on top of you!

Once your down there the questions start coming from that little voice inside your head … Why me? Why today? What else can possibly go wrong?

And then it takes a wicked turn … What’s wrong with me? You know maybe I’m just not X enough … or Y enough or …. XYZ enough?

Oh my God … I’m not L-M-N-O-P enough either!

And then from some place inside a voice screams out … STOPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

Gut Check Time

Okay what would I tell a Coaching client at this moment in time?

I would say …ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What are you afraid of losing? (Fear is about loss and it’s obvious I am in a place of fear)
  2. What is the truth (Knowing 93% of the things I worry about never happen)
  3. What needs to happen right now? (What action do I need to take get moving forward and back on track)

Answering these questions will move you from an emotional state of reaction in the future and into a more logical state of reason in the present. In other words from victim to victor!

Here’s what I know:
  1. If I lose a deal, a client, a gig I will find more because the world is a place of abundance … there is always more!
  2. If plans don’t unfold exactly the way I want them to I can still have a great time … as long as I stay present in the moment and open myself up to greater possibilities or gifts!
  3. When I trust (embrace) the process exactly as it unfolds … I am free! Free to stand back up and move forward!

And one last thought …

Never ever forget who you are (your authentic self)!

Never ever forget what you do (your mission)!

Never ever forget why you are here (your purpose)!

Remember those things … and you will always get back up!


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