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How many years before have you sat here on this very day …. yes, a few days before the first of the year thinking about how next year was going to be better!

You think about all of the things you want to do differently and yet deep down inside you have doubts and uncertainties.

Many of us have a great desire to change and yet we don’t have a system in place to keep us consistent and focused.

Even more true is that many of us say we need to change and yet when it comes time to making a commitment and being held accountable we simply back off.

We believe that we can do it all on our own even though we never have been completely or even partially successful in the past.

What if you could insure that next year was really your best year ever?

3 Questions To Ask Yourself:

  1. Do you want to be more productive than you ever have been in a single year?
  2. Are you willing to commit to a process that will change your life? Really?
  3. Would you be willing to make a small investment in yourself so that you can achieve your best year ever … next year?

If you answered yes to ALL 3 questions than you need to enroll in this program: (5 slots  are left)

 You will participate in:

  • Monday through Friday calls at 5:15 AM (Pacific Time) each day (We all call into a conference line) The calls last about 15 minutes so you can begin your day fresh and energized at 5:30
  • Once a month Goals call session live with a coach and group – usually the last Friday of the month – we work through a goals review and planning packet and use a consistency calendar which are provided each month for you.
  • Group inspiration – when you hear others doing their actions, getting results and believing in the process – it’s contagious. If you’ve ever felt like you just needed a friend to encourage you – this is it.

Here’s how the weekly calls line out:

  • Monday Agreements Day – you have your weekly plan in place by this call so you begin your week ahead – and will state the 1 to 3 actions you want to be accountable for during the week.
  • Tuesday – check in – Topic tips (each month is a new topic to help you
  • Wednesday – check in – task temperate taking – Begun or done?
  • Thursday – guest coach with their take on the theme and check in
  • Friday – Accountably check in – did you do what you agreed to?

The investment in yourself is only $150.00 each month and includes:

  • Goals – A monthly goal planning session
  • Accountability – 20-25 group calls every month.
  • Encouragement – Group Inspiration and support.
  • A System – A proven system that has worked for countless others to achieve your goals.

Call today there are only five slots left and the program starts this Friday with the first goals session!  


Have an extraordinary year!


Are You Headed In The Right Direction?

Recently I was in Cleveland tending to some family business over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

While I was there I decided to make my reservation for my return trip for Christmas.

Air fares had been pretty high so when I found the round trip ticket between Cleveland and Phoenix for $400.00 I jumped on the opportunity and booked my ticket.

A week later as I was attempting to upgrade to first class using my frequent flyer miles, I realized that I had booked a round trip ticket to Phoenix originating in Cleveland. That would’ve been fine … but I live in Phoenix.

Bottom line: I was going the wrong way!

I called the Continental Airlines Customer Service Representative who told me he understood and would waive the $150.00 change fee … however to accomplish my objective it would be an additional $450.00 … yes the grand total would now be $850.00!!!!

Flying to Bermuda for $850.00 is one thing … but flying to Cleveland in the middle of winter for $850.00 … that’s a whole different story!!!

So that got me thinking …

If you’re not clear about the direction you’re headed or if you’re not positive about where you are or where you’re going … it can end up being pretty costly!

As you wind down 2011 and you head into the New Year … ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Are you clear about the direction you’re headed?
  2. Is your heart set on one destination … but your course charted for a different place?
  3. Do you know where you want to be and what you want to accomplished in 2012?

2 Ideas That Will Help You Achieve Success In Life:

  1. Make sure you’re clear about your goals and your direction.
  2. Be open to learning the lessons that you are given as you travel to your destination …

Airline ticket to Cleveland for the holidays: $850.00
Learning a valuable life lesson: $450.00
Knowing where you’re going in life: Priceless




Acceptance … The Key To Happiness?

There are times in my life when I simply do not like what is going on.

When this happens I typically go into my “grab control of the situation” mode so that I could get things back to normal and in “control” again.

Recently I found myself traveling back to Cleveland 6 days prior to when I was I was scheduled because my Father’s condition had taken a turn for the worse. He had been under the care of hospice for about 8 weeks and his condition was deteriorating … in other words … he was dying.

Sitting on the plane I hoped and prayed that I would have the chance to see him one more time. As we landed in Charlotte to make the connection home I received a text message from my brother to call him as soon as I touched down … I was too late.

It is at moments like this one where we may begin to question our decisions. We can over analyze and second guess ourselves by asking questions like … should I have … what if I would have … or … why didn’t I?

Life continues to teach me two very important lessons:

  1. There are some things in life that I have a choice in. I can choose what I eat, what line of work I am in, how I treat people, how I react to various situations, etc.
  2. There are situations in life that unfold and I have absolutely no control over the situation … what-so-ever!

When I realize that that I am in a situation that is beyond my control, I find that acceptance is the key to my happiness. I don’t need to know why, I just need to accept the situation exactly the way it is!

And in acceptance … I find peace … and in this peaceful place I can see the unexpected gifts that are in front of me. Gifts I would never have seen had I been focusing my attention and energy on trying to change the situation or the outcome.

A Question For You …

Are there any circumstances or situations in your life, past or present, that you have not or are not willing to accept?

Are you holding on, harboring resentment, anger, or regret, because a situation, relationship, business deal, marriage, etc. didn’t work out exactly the way you wanted it too?

My wish and my hope for you this holiday season is that you would find a sense of happiness and peace in … acceptance.

Happy New Year … ?

As our year starts to wind down, we might be coming to the realization that we didn’t accomplish everything that we had planned on this year.

We might be asking ourselves “Why am I not getting what I really want in “X” area of my life?”

For some of us this area might be the same one we’ve been talking about …  for years.

It may be our financial situation, our job, our health, where we live, our relationships, or even the way we feel about ourselves.

If you should find yourself in this situation (not getting the results you want in life) here are 4 paths you can choose:

Path #1 – Hope the situation will change by itself.

Path #2 – Make excuses as to why you can’t change and then end up having the same dialog next December or January.

Path #3 – Choose to accept your situation exactly the way it is and decide to be happy … just the way it is. Sometimes what we say we want is not really what we want.

Path #4 – Choose to change your attitudes and/or beliefs about your situation and then take the necessary actions to correct it so you can have the results that you want.

Five Really Good Question To Ask Yourself:

  1. Is there anything about your life that has to change in order for you to have a successful year in 2012 or to have a successful life?
  2. Which 1 of the 4 paths do you really need to apply to this situation? Why?
  3. When will you take action?
  4. How will you stay on track so you can achieve success in this area of your life?
  5. How can you be held accountable even thought you really don’t want to?

Wishing and hoping for things to be different is not going to get you where you want to go. Don’t wait till the first of the year to start thinking about how you want your 2012 to be even better… that is unless you’re totally and completely happy with the way your life is going and don’t want to change a thing!

So don’t just sit there …

Start thinking … better yet … start writing!

If you’re interested in finding out how 2012 can be different email me: and learn about an exciting new program! Just add “My Best Year Ever … in the subject line!