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Authenticity …

This past Monday was Halloween and for the first time in  over 20 years I was one of “those” people who didn’t pass out candy. Instead, I shut off the Malibu lights killed all the lights in the house and went out to dinner. I guess you could say … I was hiding!

Driving back home I saw all of the kids walking up and down the street dressed in their costumes and hidden behind their masks … so that got me thinking.

How often do we fail to show up as our authentic selves and instead choose to hide behind a mask or facade?

Showing up as our authentic selves can actually be pretty scary. I mean, what if we show up and people don’t like us? Then what? At least if we show up behind a mask and they don’t like the mask then we don’t get rejected. They are simply rejecting the mask!

Being authentic means that we show up with all of our parts. We show up in our brilliance and our genius as well as our not so perfect parts, yes even our flaws.

The truth is that deep down inside all of us want and need to be loved for who we are … who we are at our core … with all of our pieces and parts.

The challenge is that if you’re not willing to let people know ALL of you …  how can they possibly love and accept the real you.  When we hide they are accepting the image that we project … not our authentic self!  And that my friends can leave you  feeling a little empty and a bit alone even in a room filled with people.

So what about you?

Are you bringing all of you to work, to your relationships, to your marriage, or partnerships?

By the way, I am not saying to walk into work and share your deepest most intimate secrets with a stranger or even a friend for that matter. I’m just challenging you to be who you are and not pretend to be someone you’ re not!

I wonder how that might impact your connection to others … including yourself.


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