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What if you only had 7 minutes … left on earth?
September 29, 2011, 5:38 am
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Okay so it sounds like an absurd question? And yet I was asked to answer it … today!

I was filling out a survey in order to do some work with a woman I consider to be a master speaker and coach (all of us need coaches).

As part of the process,  I had to fill out a survey of filled with some very poignant questions. One of those questions was this: As a speaker, if you only had 7 minutes to speak to people before you left the planet … what would you say?

Excuse me … pardon me … 7 minutes…. are you kidding me!!!! I need more time! Can I have 7 hours, okay how about 7 months, even better 7 years … and that’s my final answer!!!

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t think about how much time we have left here and yet the truth is this: next year at this exact time … some of us won’t be here!

So if you only had 7 minutes to talk to people before you died, what would you say? Would you tell everyone what you think is most important in life, would you tell them what to do or to remember? Or would you tell how they should live their lives?

So here’s what I would say:

  1. Everything in your life is perfect and unfolding exactly as it supposed to be. There are no coincidences. Trust the process!
  2. One of the most important decisions you will make is whether you believe you live in a friendly or hostile universe – Einstein
  3. Your sense of self worth and value is directly proportionate to your level of success in life.
  4. You are an amazing incredible extraordinary being created for an amazing purpose. You just have to uncover it and it’s imprinted on your soul. It’s there … look deeply because sometimes it gets covered with lies and old beliefs that don’t serve you or anybody else anymore. The key to discovering the truth about you lies in your ability to push through your fear and truly love yourself and others. Do that my friends and you will get as close as you can get … to heaven on earth!

So that’s what I would tell everyone and I didn’t need 7 minutes!

So what about you … what would you say?

If you really think about it … if it’s that important that you would be willing to spend the last 7 minutes of your life telling everyone on earth…

Maybe you should tell them … today?

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Thank you for your inspiring words of wisdom. We should all think about “what if we only have 7 min left”. I know I will think of things differently from now on.

Comment by Elena

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