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10 Lies and 10 Truths About Do-Overs …
September 12, 2011, 7:53 am
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At different times in our lives we may feel as though we would like a Do-Over.

You know … a get out of jail free card, a second chance, an opportunity to rewind history, to go back in time,  a second time to make a first impression, etc.

Here’s the truth about Do-Overs … THEY ARE UNNECESSARY!!!!

If you find yourself feeling like you would like a Do-Over regarding a certain point or situation in your life, you just might be telling yourself a laundry list of lies.

Here are some of the untruths you could be telling yourself and the underlying belief that could be messing you up:

  1. My life is not perfect just the way it is (Something is wrong with my life, something is wrong with me).
  2. Everything does not happen for a reason (I don’t trust the process of life).
  3. I know better than the Universe, God, Buddha, Allah, Life Source, etc as to the way things need to be (Nuff said …).
  4. I don’t trust (I operate from a place of fear).
  5. My life is not unfolding as it should ( I know better than the Divine … again).
  6. I am in control of circumstance outside of myself (I can control other people and their thoughts).
  7. I didn’t need to learn that lesson (I don’t need to learn anything from this expereince).
  8. I am still living with regret (I am stuck in guilt or shame).
  9. I am holding onto the past (It’s okay to stay stuck).
  10. I can’t let go of it (I don’t deserve to be happy).
Here’s 10 Truths About You and Your Life:
  1. Your life IS perfect just the way it is, there is nothing wrong, bad, or defective about you or your life.
  2. Everything … yes everything happens for a reason, you just have to trust the process.
  3. You and the Divine are connected and inseparable.
  4. This is a friendly Universe filled with abundance and love.
  5. Your life is unfolding as it should.
  6. You can only control your own thoughts and your own mind.
  7. Every challenge presents a lesson you need to learn … you just have to look for it.
  8. There is no reason to live with regret, it is a waste of time and energy.
  9. The past is the past … every time you rethink it, you relive it, and bring it in to the present … CUT THAT CRAP OUT!
  10. You deserve to be happy, if you only get one of these right … make sure it’s this one!!!
So there you have it 10 Lies and 10 Truths about Do-Overs …
My only question is … which will you choose to believe?

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