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The Greatest Movie of All Time … It’s Up To You!

And The Oscar Goes To ....

I just finished reading the latest book written by Don Miguel Ruiz and his son Don Jose, entitled The 5th Agreement. At one point in this extraordinary work, the authors share the idea that you are writing the script for the movie you are living out in your life. They go on to say that you are the star, the primary character of your movie and that your movie is just that … your movie!

If you could sneak into another person’s theater (i.e. your parents, spouse, children, etc.) and sit behind them as their film unrolled on the screen in front of you, you would see that their storyline is much different than yours. And even though many of the same actors may appear on screen, they are cast in very different roles.

For example, the star portrayed as the primary character in your movie (you) is always seen as a secondary character in someone else’s film. We always see the world through a different set of lenses than they do.

We may believe that we understand another person’s perspective or how they are feeling. However, the reality is that we can never truly experience or comprehend the movie that someone else is acting out in their head.

The authors go on to say that some of the biggest challenges we face in life are the result of us trying to write or rewrite someone else’s screenplay. instead of tending to the only script we truly have control over … our own!

Truth #1 – We cannot write, direct, or produce, anyone else’s script! Stick to the only script you have any control over … YOUR OWN!

Everyone chooses the movie on their screen. Some of us choose to live out a drama, others a tragedy, and some of us spend our entire lives attempting to win an academy award for our performance or being controlled by our critics.

And yet, there are those of us that choose to live out an action packed adventure or a feel good romantic comedy.

Truth #2 – Our screenplays is typically based on the beliefs we were imprinted with, what we were taught, and the culmination of our life experiences.

So what is the genre for the screenplay you’re writing?

  1. Drama
  2. Tragedy
  3. Romantic Comedy
  4. Adventure
  5. Documentary

Maybe a better question might be … what’s the screenplay you would like to write?

Truth #3The screenplay you live out in your life is completely up to you! You don’t have to play the role you were given!  If you don’t like the movie you’re in … REWRITE YOUR SCRIPT!

So there you have it … your movie, your life, your choice … it’s up to you!

Now where were we?

Oh yes …

Lights … Camera … and Action!!!

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