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Do You Remember Follow the …

… Leader?

Yes, it was a game many of us played when we were kids. The rules were simple, just do what the Leaders does. If you don’t do exactly as they do, you’re out of the game, the last person standing wins and they’re the new leader. Sounds simple, sounds like a fun game … when you’re a kid.!

Then you grew up, went to school, and probably stopped liking what your Leaders told you to do. You graduated, got a job, and eventually you moved into a Leadership position. Now you’re the Leader!

The only problem is that nobody wants to play your game. You might be telling you’re people what to do, but they simply don’t do it. Or they don’t do it exactly the way you want them to or exactly how you would do it.  They’re not playing nice.

Sure you can blame your people, You can make it their fault, you can say they’re poor performers, poor listeners, they don’t understand, or they SIMPLY DON”T GET YOU!

Maybe they don’t  … and maybe the real issue is that … you don’t get them!

Some Leaders believe that just because they have a Leadership title that people must do what they say. But wait a minute you shout “That’s right, those are the rules, YOU HAVE to play the game and I AM the Leader … I was the last person standing, I’ve been here the longest, I won!

Say it ain’t so Joe!

Okay, IT AIN’T SO!

People will follow you when it’s their choice, not because they are told to follow. You have to earn their respect and it doesn’t get handed to you when you get a promotion or a new title. If you’re people don’t follow you it’s quite possible that you’re not giving your folks a reason to follow you and here’s the tricky part … they want to follow you!

Most people want to know that their Leaders is looking out for them. They want to know that their Leader respects them, appreciates them, and see’s the value that they bring to the bigger purpose of the organization. That’s what Extraordinary Leaders do!

There is an old saying that says if you want something you must first be willing to give it away!

5 Things You Probably Want As A Leader And How To Get It:

  1. If you want people to listen to you … you first have to listen to them.
  2. If you want people to trust you … you first have to trust them.
  3. If you want your people to value you … you first have to value them.
  4. If you want your people to be honest with you … you first have to be honest with them.
  5. If you want your people to respect you … you first have to respect them.

So are you willing to give to others what you want for yourself?

If so, I guess you’re ready play Follow The Leader … otherwise, you might find yourself in a bad game of Hide and Seek!

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