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A Golden Rule of Selling – Don’t strike out with your customers by making your pitch all about YOU!

Over the last week I have received 15 unsolicited emails, yes that’s 15 with a capital F,  from a company called Fast Pitch Network. Below is some of the text:

Invitation to Join the Fast Pitch Network – You have been recommended by one or more colleagues to join one of the fastest growing professional networks on the Web today.

Of course this raised a few questions in my mind: Recommended, really … who was it? Did they recommend me 15 times? Is the reason your opt out doesn’t work because you’re concerned that I am missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime? Is this email about helping me or this email all about YOU?

3 Things We Can Learn From This?

  1. Instead of ignoring the needs of your customers LISTEN to them, especially your prospects … I mean really listen to what they need –  don’t go in with a canned presentation!
  2. Ask great questions that help you to understand your client, their business, and where they have their biggest opportunity to grow.
  3. Figure out how you can help them grow and don’t do it by shoving your ideas or your products down their throat!

The truth is that people don’t buy from companies or sales people that don’t listen and believe the customer is there to serve them!

The success of social network companies like Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter didn’t come from harassing their potential customers into climbing on board. They grew because they attracted customers who saw the how their products or services added value to their lives and their businesses.

The same holds true for you! You will be more successful as a sales professional  if you concentrate on new and different ways to provide more value to your clients!

And as far as The Fast Pitch Network goes … 15 strikes … are you serious? – YOU’RE OUTTA HERE!!!

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