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… You Might Be A Lousi Leader

In this time of political correctness and over sensitivity I wonder if occasionally you just have to call ’em how you see ’em.

So in an effort to not put “lipstick on a pig” I will share with you “the whole pig and nothing but the pig.”

It is amazing  that in this time where resources abound on how to be an extraordinary leader we continue to hear story after story about lousy leaders!

Ironically enough, the word  “lousy” originated from the 14th century word  “lousi” – which means to be infested with lice. And of course the definition of “lice” – a small, wingless insect, parasitic on humans and having mouth parts adapted for sucking or biting. This could explain why working for a lousy leader can suck the life right out of you.

Below is a short list of  examples that qualifies someone as “a lousy leader.”  These are actual stories and are not fabricated in anyway:

  1. If you have ever called  a meeting in your office and stayed on a personal call for 10 minutes while your 4 managers sat there and waited for you for you to finish … you might be a lousy leader!
  2. If you’ve ever told any of your people that you don’t want to be questioned because you’re very sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily … you might be a lousy leader!
  3. If you’ve ever stormed out of a meeting went back to your office and slammed your door shut because somebody said something that upset you … you might be a lousy leader!
  4. If you’ve ever used the dog training technique of locking eyes with your employee and lowering your voice to communicate with them because it works with your dog … you might be a lousy leader!
  5. If you’ve ever asked your assistant to type their own termination letter … you might be a lousy leader!
  6. If you’ve ever gotten drunk at an office happy hour and decided it was a good time to drop your pants and moon the rest of the bar in front of your people … you might be a lousy leader!
  7. If you’ve ever been looking for one of your employee’s of the opposite sex and try to locate them by banging on their respective restroom door calling out names until someone responds … you might be a lousy leader!

I didn’t say it was pretty, I just said it was a pig.

One last thought … If you’ve ever exhibited any of these behaviors you might want to seriously consider a different profession. Ya’ think?

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