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Have You W.I.F.T. Lately?

When I was a kid we spent many hours in the driveway playing baseball using a whiffle ball. A whiffle ball was a small plastic ball that had oval shaped holes on one side of it so depending on the spin you could move the ball in any direction. It gave you the false sense that you were as good as a major league pitcher. I learned to control the ball fairly well and took great pleasure when the batter whiffed or struck out.

It had nothing to do with them! It was all about ME, my ego, and my ability  to whiff as many batters as I could.

As Sales Professionals, especially when we’re in a slump,  we sometimes forget that selling is all about the customer and not about us! In fact, unless you understand that your customers would rather talk about themselves and their business than to hear you talk about you and yours, you will always be an average pitcher.

Selling has and always will be about the customer. And it doesn’t matter how many times we read that, hear that, or say that, their are times when we simply forget and the the sales becomes all about us and we “strike out!”

What if for the rest of the month, or how about the rest of the year, you intentionally made every sales call about your customer?  What if you approached every sales call with the idea of making sure your customers knew that you W.I.F.T?

W.I.F.T – Approaching your customers with the question: “What’s In It For Them.”

Imagine if every one of your customers felt that every sales call you made on them was … ALL ABOUT THEM? How would that change your business?

My hunch is that you’ll smack it out of the park a lot more frequently!

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I could not agree more. Since I started using vendors myself, I see more and more sales people never asking me questions about my business and exploring how they can help me. They just want me buy or use them.

Alway enjoy your wisdom.

Comment by Scott

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