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Are You an Auto Responder?

Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine who has had experience as a Leader in a Call Center. When I explained my last blog to her she said that most people in a call center have buttons on their computers that give an automatic response. For example with the touch of a button you can say …

  1. Thank you for your patience…
  2. Please wait one moment.
  3. I’m sorry for the delay.
  4. I’ll be right with you.
  5. I apologize for the delay.
  6. I am still looking into this for you.
  7. One moment please.
  8. Thank you for waiting.

Which are the responses I received as I sat frustrated waiting for the service rep to handle my problem. The problem was that she was working on 5 other customer problems … at the same time!

And then I had to look at myself and ask “How many times have I responded to another person in the same manner because I wasn’t engaged in the conversation?”

And You … ?

When it comes to your customers, your people, your kids, your spouse? Are you an auto responder? Do you try to handle 5 things at once when what you really need to be looking your employee in the eye and hearing them? Do you already predict  what your customer is going to say, so you plan your response while they are still talking?

Here’s a thought … KNOCK IT OFF, CUT IT OUT, STOP!!!!!

Here’s one more thought … You are not a machine and either are the people you interact with … next chance you get to interact with another person really listen with your full undivided attention and see what happens!! You might be surprised!


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