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Leadership: After The Fact!

I was watching the President Bush interview this evening with Matt Lauer when it struck me just how difficult it is to be a leader. Regardless of what you think about President Bush or President Obama it’s easy to cast stones, make comments on Facebook that call one or the other stupid or ignorant … after the fact!

Yet many of these folks who cast stones think they are leaders. They talk like leaders, they even pretend to act like leaders … till it comes to really putting themselves out there during a crisis or when it is all on the line. I refer these folks as the “Mutual of Omaha Leaders” referring to Marlin Perkins on Animal Kingdom who always seemed to be hiding behind the rock while Jim (his partner) wrestled the alligator, bear, cheetah, etc.

The world has enough mediocre  leaders who play it safe, hold back, play small, or refuse to change because it’s uncomfortable or unpopular. They are the first ones to criticize the decisions of others and the first one to tell you what they would’ve done … after the fact!

Extraordinary Leaders have a sense of humility about them, they make the best decisions that they can at any given moment in time with the information they have, and then they move forward and take action. And when they are right, they credit their people. And when they are wrong, they take responsibility for the results and don’t blame others.

If you’re going to be a leader … be an extraordinary one, we have enough people hiding behind rocks waiting for someone else to wrestle the lion!

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